Size chart (BRACELET)

The basis of our jewellery
Stainless steel

The Wildflower Club encourages everyone to celebrate the little things and moments in life. And that is of course only possible with jewelery that lasts a lifetime and that you enjoy endlessly. That is why we use stainless steel, a material with endless benefits! We are happy to list these advantages for you.

The main advantages of this material are that it does not discolour, has a nice shine and does not scratch easily. You can use it for sports, shower, travel the world and then swim in the sea, and so on! These jewelry can handle anything! It is of course a good idea if you clean the jewelery once in a while.

Our stainless steel jewelry is therefore 100% waterproof, but also allergy free. This allows you to complete your look with beautiful jewelry, even with an (extremely) sensitive skin.


And did you know that stainless steel is also very durable? It is 100% recyclable, so good for you and for nature. A Wildflower fave for a reason!

gold & silver

Stainless steel forms the basis of our rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. It may seem that we only use this for silver jewelry, but we also have gold stainless steel jewelry. We use a gold plating for this. This is actually a gold bath through which the jewelry is passed, giving the jewelry a beautiful gold layer with the most beautiful shine and of the best quality. What else do you want?

We don't say it for nothing at The Wildflower Club, but life is a party! So complete your own jewelry party with our high-quality stainless steel jewelry and create a look that's made to last!